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Kar-Fre Flowers

Happy New Year!

  Kar-Fre Flowers is Sycamore's only professional flower shop.  Our flower shop is located on State Street one-half mile east of Sycamore's downtown area.  We live and play in Sycamore and are dedicated to maintaining the small-town charm that Sycamore has become so well known for. 

  Our flower shop sits on roughly 3 acres and is definitely not like most other flower shops you might know.  We have a bigger, brighter display area filled with silk arrangements and wreaths our professional designers create and oodles of whimsical gifts and gift ideas.  Our Belgian conservatory is a wonderful spot during these winter months.  Filled with a beautiful selection of green plants, flowering plants, and gardens that we hand make here, our conservatory is also home to our pet canaries that will serenade you throughout your visit.

  While New Year's Day always brings the standard resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more, and "please let this be the year the scale and I become friends". Our Kar-Fre resolutions are more centered on creating a delightful Kar-Fre experience for you every time you visit and challenging ourselves creatively in 2015, although it would be kind of nice if the scale could at least try to be a little more friendly this year.

  We're delighted you've visited! 


Kris, Michelle, and all of your buds at Kar-Fre Flowers




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